Depending on your function, our Hall can accommodate a maximum of 250 people for a seated dinner, with a good-sized dance floor, or 300 people for a meeting. For a standing function, like a cocktail party, you can easily fit 400 people.

The Hall is furnished with two kind of tables, i.e. round tables and trestles. There are 24 round tables which can seat a maximum of 10 people each.

You can also use 19 small trestles which can seat a maximum of 8 people per table which gives you 152 seats, and 3 large trestles which can accommodate 8 people each which gives you another 30 seats. You can use a combination of tables - it is totally up to you. We have over 300 chairs

There is a good size kitchen with a separate part which you can use as a drink bar. The kitchen has two full-size fridges, professional dishwasher, two good-sized stoves with ovens, pie heater, and professional water urns for coffee and tea.

There is also a stage which can be used by a band, DJ etc.

The Hall has a professional sound system with tape recorder and CD player and can accommodate 5 microphones.



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