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At Good Shepherd, Parish of Mulgrave:


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Bless. O Good Shepherd, This our parish.

Guide our actions,

Show us what we must do,

So that in all things

Our lives may be pleasing to You. 

Inspired by Your sacrifice and love,

May our united endeavour

 Enable us to glorify You,

Grow in love,

And provide for the needs of our parish. AMEN.

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1967    Mass was originally celebrated in the Notting Hill Hall. Father Leo Ryan built the Parish Church/Hall where the first Mass was celebrated in December 1967.

1968  In January, Father Thomas Foynes was appointed as the first Parish Priest (1968-1971) and first school building completed.

1969  Grade 4 children were bussed here to school from St. Leonard’s, Glen Waverley (our parent parish).

1970  Good Shepherd School officially opened with classes from Grade Prep to Grade 3.

1971  Father James Feenan was appointed to replace Fr. Foynes, as the second Parish Priest (1971-1973). 

1973  Father John Cunningham replaced Fr. Feenan as third Parish Priest, (1973-1980).

1975  Father Frank Bellett was appointed as the parish’s first Assistant Priest (1975-1979).

1977  Parish Church/Hall extensions were completed; they were officially blessed by Bishop John Kelly.

1979  Father Barry Caldwell replaced Fr. Bellett as the second Assistant Priest (1979-1982). Deacon Des Moloney assisted in the Parish until his ordination in August.

1980  Father Patrick Maye replaced Fr. Cunningham as fourth Parish Priest (1980-1994). 

1982  Father Kevin Burke (1982-1985) replaced Fr. Caldwell as third Assistant Priest.

1984  St. Justin's School commenced, operating out of classrooms at Good Shepherd and using the School House in Academy Ave (next door to Hall).

1985  Father Gerry McKernan became the 4th Assistant Priest (1985-1986).

1986  St. Justin's Parish was annexed from Good Shepherd with a nucleus of 673 former Good Shepherd families on 26th January, 1986. Fr. Michael Wheeler, first Parish Priest.

1989  Fr. Vincent Arthur "retired" from the Parish of Spotswood and became the Parish's fifth Assistant Priest (1989-1990). Official Opening of the New Church 3rd March 1989.

1991  Fr. Frank O'Loughlin (1991-1994).

1993  Parish celebrates its Silver Jubilee on March 27/28 with a Dinner Dance & Open Day.

1994   Fr. Wlodzimierz (Vladimir) Sobolewski, C.R. (1994-2000) became our next Parish Priest on Wednesday, 19th January. Fr. Mirek Knap, C.R. appointed Assistant Priest (18 August 1994 to 28th January 1998).

1998  Fr. Kazimierz Trawicki, C.R. replaced Fr. Mirek as Assistant Priest.  Official Opening and Blessing of Refurbished Hall.

2000  Fr. Vladimir Sobolewski, C.R., left after 6 years as Parish Priest, to work in Bermuda.  Fr. Kaz Trawicki will continue on as our new Parish Priest.

2001  Fr. Mirek Knap, C.R. returns to work as Assistant Priest in the Parish. June 25th - First Ordination in the Parish: Christian Fini ordained at Good Shepherd Church.

2005 24th April Archbishop Dennis Hart officially blessed the opening of New Staff Room and renovated classroom block in the School.


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History of Parish Priests

1968-1971   Father Thomas Foynes Appointed first Parish Priest.  dec. 2005

1971-1973   Father James Feenan - Parish Priest

1973 - 1980 Father John Cunningham - Parish Priest

1975-1979  Father Frank Bellett - first Assistant Priest.  dec. 2005

1979-1982  Father Barry Caldwell - Assistant Priest

1980-1994  Father Patrick Maye - Parish Priest

1982-1985  Father Kevin Burke - Assistant Priest

1985-1986  Father Gerry McKernan - Assistant Priest

1989-1990  Father Vincent Arthur - Assistant Priest.  dec. 1990

1991-1994  Father Frank O'Loughlin - Assistant Priest

1994-2000  Father Wlodzimierz (Vladimir) Sobolewski, C.R. - Parish Priest

1994-1998   Father Mirek Knap, C.R. - Assistant Priest

1998-2000   Father Kazimierz Trawicki, C.R. - Assistant Priest

2000-       Father Kazimierz Trawicki, C.R. - Parish Priest

2001-2008   Father Mirek Knap. C.R. - Assistant Priest


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